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From dodgy keepers to surefire strikers, Jamie King, Nick Read and Dan Moss unravel the mysteries of Fantasy Football in the English Premier League.
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Apr 27, 2017

Apologies for the hiatus ladies and gents. 

We are but human. And yet, in this universe of Double Gameweeks, rising player prices and minute-to-minute statistical analyses, the NTL pod are immortals. Almost.

Jamie washes his hair while Dan, Nick and Tom leg it to the pub. We'll dissect Gabbiadini's soaring prospects, while commiserating over spilt Costa milk. Loads more too!


Mar 29, 2017

Wow. It's a bumper show, live from the Prince Arthur on a breezy sunny evening in East London. The beer and wine is flowing freely, and vacation-bound Nick has sensationally allowed Tom, Dan and Jamie access to his FPL team account and, incredibly, his Wildcard.

Will the gang's judgement be as disastrously ill-fated as a Harry Kane corner, or will they launch Nick's team Zlatan-like heights as he aims for redemption in the NTL league?

Tune in to find out.

Mar 1, 2017

If you had Jamie Vardy, you know something we don't. All the unpredictables as well as the utterly blatant FPL talking points this week with Jamie, Nick and Tom coursing you through the ever browning waters towards the tasty end of the season.

Wildcard tactics, blank gameweeks and hot streaker striker chat to fill your ears and muddy boots ahead of some testing fantasy times for all of us. Plus a BIG pod announcement - stick around and don't miss out!

Twitter: @NoTansfersLeft

Feb 15, 2017

Dan and Nick discuss imminent wildcard actions, upcoming blank gameweeks and the fortunes of the brave. Dan is on the FPL couch as wildcard selection chat turns into something of a counselling session, giving you a rich journey through the league's bandwagon Mustafi's (must have's) and Defoe-rentials (differentials).

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Feb 8, 2017

Jamie 'Fantasy' King returns to the microphone to tell us how windy it is at the top, reiterate his fantasy tactics and generally spouse good will. After monster Lukaku's monster points haul did you have him leading the line with the armband? All this plus a thorough round up of where to find FPL value from teams across the league, from the bandwagons to the sinking ships.

Catch us @NoTransfersLeft

Jan 25, 2017

A bumper edition focuses on the respective thoughts 2/3 of the way through the transfer window with an NTL mid-pod transfer from Dan to Tom with Nick probing their respective gameweek performances. We FINALLY get an update from Young Guns Utd manager Tom on his secrets to success as he joint tops out the NTL gameweek rankings.

Catch everything on iTunes (you're already here) and link us on the Twitter: @NoTransfersLeft to join in the conversation...

Jan 11, 2017

After a short winter break we are back and raring to go!

Green arrows and points aplenty are up for grabs with new wildcard opportunities, and the team discuss fixtures, budget buys and superstars we expect to take Fantasy Premier League by storm in 2017.


Dec 6, 2016

WHOA! Well that was quite a Gameweek 14 wasn't it? Dan and Nick are here in the golden ashes to reflect upon a mammoth weekend of points galore - for most managers at least. On the table are the lucky last minute picks, the sweated substitutions and craft captain choices in Fantasy Premier League Land.

All this and the regular irregulars from your *favourite FPL podcast!

*our hope and not conclusive fact.


Nov 29, 2016

A historic gameweek sees a certain Young Guns Utd top out with a memorable points tote. Dissecting all that is table climbing with Tom this week are Jamie and Nick to pour over their respective gameweeks, as is praise heaping for the seasonally loved perennial points returners and the broach the question of a solidifying rearguard changing of managerial game plans - could this be afoot? Listen to find out all this malarky as well as a tip pick tips for GW14 and an unlikely hero in the NTL Manager of the Month award.

Twitter: @NoTransfersLeft

Nov 23, 2016

NTL are back after a troubling International break and an explosive FPL return provides plenty of pod fodder in a quickfire edition of the irreverent podcast. Dan and Tom update us on their team's fortunes and managerial movements, visions for the immediate future and who's hot for shots leading into a busy festive period.

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Nov 17, 2016

After an international week of tech gremlins thwarted our last podcast, Dan and Nick are on hand to discuss FPL issues of great importance, SUCH AS:

- Does one replace Lallana in one's team?
- Will Costa ever get suspended as destiny has promised?
- Is Sterling really as useless as stats suggest?

For this and more ahead of Gameweek 12, download and enjoy!

Nov 2, 2016

It's the return of the King - our very own Jamie King of course back reset his grip on the NTL host seat to update us on his FPL team and justify Stewart Downing's presence. JK and Nick reflect on a whopping season high 58pt GW average, Time Team Dream Team delves back into the '04/05 season for some vintage Blue, as well as discussion topics of Firmino's teeth, meme God Joe Allen and much much more.

Join the boys for everyone's favourite irreverent nonsensical Fantasy Football podcast.

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Oct 25, 2016

An unexpectedly resolute defensive FPL display has rendered Dan's All Out Attack chip use a source of discontent and a big topic of discussion. Nick returns from a place of no football in deepest Cornwall to join Dan and discuss Xherdan Shaqiri's return to top points for his windy faithful fantasy managers, Liverpool's wealth of midfield riches as well as new player pick feature - STD's (Safety / must-have Transfer / Differential).

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Oct 18, 2016

A dramatic return of FPL provides plenty of talking points for the NTL roundtable as Nick, Dan and Tom pick apart the disastrous and decadent fortunes of their teams. Other verbals on the pod this week are the season's essential picks so far, the return of new game "Time Team Dream Team" and a good look ahead to GW9. All capped in with a healthy dose of interpod rivalry, outrageous opinion and self-deprecation.

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Oct 12, 2016

Tom joins Nick to liven up the doldrummage of the International Break, looking back on both their teams and the trials or tribulations of missing pairsome Dan and Jamie. On the table for discussion are our realighned goalposts for (Isaac) Success, Dimitri Payet as well as a brand new feature to test the staunchest of FPL memories from yesteryear. Not to mention the return of some much needed interpod bashing. Brighten up your commute and get us in your ears!

All this and more from your irreverent take on all things FPL from the NTL boys!

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Sep 27, 2016

The NTL gang are back from a regrettable one week hiatus that has certainly resulted in comeuppance for some of us. Nick and Dan open in apologetic fashion and get into the fantasy meat of Arsenal's delicious midfield options, Liverpool's platter of plentiful point offerings and some more than juicy differential hors d'oeuvre's.

All that plus our own winning and woeful gameweek efforts, plenty of aural hilarity and a doff of the cap to the NTL top 5.

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Sep 14, 2016

Wait. Breath a sigh of relief... the living nightmare for most that was GW4 is firmly behind us but has enabled plenty of talking points for Jamie, Tom and Nick. Rounding up Lukaku's treble, Tottenham's kick start, wildcard manoeuvres, midfield conundrums and contentious rabona's.

The boys discuss how long they spend on their fantasy teams, as well as the current health of those teams, a look across the FPL social world and who's the best bet for the forthcoming weeks. 

This plus plenty more in a bumper pod!

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Sep 9, 2016

The pod are back from a needless International Week to put on their overalls, roll up their sleeves and get back to the tireless vocational profession of FPL punditry.

From the marvels of David Silva to Lallana's exploits, we round up the Qualifiers and what it means for your team, discuss Wildcard strategies and look forward to a Gameweek ravaged with injuries and new faces.

All this and more - subscribe and enjoy!

Aug 31, 2016

Oh Sergio, what have you done? FPL dreams are now rapidly turning to nightmares with the news that Sergio Aguero faces a ban, resulting in outrageous wildcard pangs of fantasy desperation. Dan, Tom and Nick discuss their individual gameweek performances, whether Wayne Routledge made it into anyone's side and a look back at the star performers as well as winners and losers into the international break. We hear from Tom's weekend at Reading and reveal who Twitter has voted its next must have midfield maestro move.

All this plus your enjoyable regular irreverent look back, damning trash talk and chortling chinwag from your weekly FPL conversation. Please listen, subscribe and share!


Aug 23, 2016

A genuine NTL first sees an unmissable and historic QUAD POD happening for the first time as Jamie, Dan, Nick and Tom separate their personal differences to dissect the fantasy offerings of the unexpected promoted teams' successes, future assist machine Wayne Routledge, the unassailable Zlaguero / Ibrovic frontline duo and star in the blue Guardiola moon crown - Nolito. Plus, will Nathan Redmond or Dusan Tadic be your Saint marching in? Don't forget the Connor Wickhams...

All this and the NTL league updates, don't miss the weekly bandwagon / sinking ship debates as we also celebrate an NTL birthday.

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Aug 18, 2016

Oh Connor, we really could have had something. With Operation Aguerovic in full swing, the cheap striker option so desperately needed provided a number of forwards with opportunities to cement their places in FPL sides. Negredo, Defoe and Rondon came up smelling of roses, but will they have done enough to merit inclusion in your squad?

Full discussion, debate, exploration and fistfights regarding all things FPL with Jamie, Tom and Dan. Enjoy and please subscribe.

Aug 10, 2016

Tom, Dan and Jamie look forward to Gameweek One of 2016/17 FPL season. As we approach kickoff and finalise our draft teams, the boys consider the virtues of Lamela, Wickham, Gray, Bolasie and more.

Enjoy and please subscribe! 

Aug 3, 2016

Jamie, Nick and Dan are back after a summer hiatus to discuss the best and worst deals of the summer from a Fantasy perspective. The boys focus on promoted clubs and title challengers alike as they aim to bring you the Isaac Success you deserve in your FPL league.

Enjoy and subscribe!

May 13, 2016

Nick, Dan and Tom address the penultimate fantasy week, with heroes and villains rearing their heads from the most recent fixtures.

Jamie's rant is rightly discussed and the boys dissect the form that has lead to relegation and jubilation for various clubs and players.

Plus, of course, picks for the forthcoming fixture and a NTL update!

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